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Were you able to catch the wild and crazy live stream I performed of NHL 24? I played this game on the Xbox Series X. NHL 24 can also be found on the PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. NHL 24 looks nice and the announcers are fun to listen to. There are all kinds of options players can pick in how they play NHL 24. For example you can turn penalties off and get aggressive. There are also sliders to make the computer better or worse. The same goes for the human players. Expect a full review of NHL 24 in issue #200 of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.

The Offline Modes for NHL 24 are Play Now, Be A Pro Career, Franchise Mode, Tournaments, IIHF Tournaments, Ones Now, NHL Threes, Season Mode, and Playoff Mode. The Online Modes of NHL 24 are Hockey Ultimate Team, World of Chel, Online Versus, HUT Rush, and NHL Threes Online. Additional Settings are Rosters, Roster Sharing, Creation Zone, Training and Practice, Shootout Mode, and Settings. The publisher for NHL 24 is EA Sports. The developer for NHL 24 is EA Vancouver.


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